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Don’t Worry, The Government Will Save You February 5, 2013

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BY:  Lars Forsberg

The next “fiscal cliff” will once again dominate the news with dramatic political showdowns and last minute deals.  It will pit the pit the Republicans against the Democrats…..the “we are for the hard working middle class” vs. “we are for the hard working middle class.”

Wait a second.  They both say the same thing, don’t they?  But don’t they vote different?  No.  Isn’t the one party for the rich people, while the other is helping the poor?  No.  Doesn’t the one party get all of their money from the big corporations, while the other party gets their money from good people like you and me?  No, they both get their money from the same corporations, the same lobbyists, and the same banks and they both use our money to get re-elected.

Now hold on a second, do you mean to tell me that that nice guy up there, with the great haircut and expensive suit, is just telling me what I want to hear?….so that he gets my vote in the next election cycle?  Of course you know this already.  You know that the politicians will say whatever is hot in the polling data at the time of whatever speech to whatever crowd they are speaking to.  In the end the lobbyists, the big corporations, the politician, and the media win.  You lose.

The next fiscal crisis will be no different.  The only thing that changes is what really happens behind the scenes.  Who will they steal the money from, and who will they give it to?

How much money did you donate (willingly, not tax money) to which candidate?  None?  Oh….you have no voice; your opinion does not matter; go away.  You live where?  Oh, so and so already has a lock on that state, you don’t matter.  Good by.

The question is: Who will they take the money from and to whom will it go?

Currently the hot debate is the deficit, so there will be a lot of hoopla surrounding this issue.  How will they tackle the debt ceiling?

How about raiding retirement accounts?  There is roughly $18 Trillion in retirement savings in the US.  Hmmm.  Interesting proposition.  What would we need to get the American public to voluntarily give there private retirement savings to the government to manage?

How about another stock market crash?  This would kill many birds with one stone.  Those in the know could once again short the market, and make tons of money; then of course purchase stocks at rock bottom prices after the crash.  The people would once again scorn Wall Street (deservedly, but it will be misguided); and demand that the government (who we said before are in bed with Wall Street) do something to make our retirement accounts safe from these darn Wall Street guys!  At this point, the government can swoop in and save the day.  Yay government!  Congress could force pension managers to purchase “secure” government bonds, so that we don’t have these ups and downs.  Hurray!  Of course, this means loaning a bankrupt beurocracy your hard earned and saved money.

Hold on.  Can they do that?  Yes, it’s been done many times throughout history.  Would they do that?  I hope not, but who knows?  I would not put it past them.  They only need to sell it to the vast majority of Americans who have no idea what the real intentions of the political class consist of.  Those intentions are clear to anyone who is watching: gaining more power, by any means necessary.

If you have not yet considered it, now may be the time.

Washington is seriously thinking about taking possession and control of your retirement and your future; shouldn’t you?


New Year’s Resolution January 9, 2013

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Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to get your finances together?

Have you taken stock of your retirement savings plan?

Are you afraid to look at your “portfolio”?

Call me crazy, but I think you should consider taking control of your retirement savings.

A Solo 401k can help you save, keep, and control more of your money.  Take your money out of the Wall Street Ponzi scheme and find real peace of mind.  Contact your current custodian and ask to get a breakdown of all fees that they charge you.  Tell them that you know that a new law has passed that requires them to provide this information in a digestible format.  Take a hard look at the costs you incur.  Take an honest inventory of your savings and your future plans.

Don’t take my word for it.  Find out for yourself, the real cost of your current retirement vehicle.

The process of getting control of your retirement and future is painless and the cost of not acting is huge.