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When the Music Stops December 7, 2015

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What are you going to do when the music stops?

You know that the stock market is a joke.

You know that the pundits are angling towards a rate increase soon.

What effect do you expect a rate increase to have on the U.S. stock market?

What might this do to your retirement plan?

What are YOU going to do?

Will you act proactively, or react to a crisis?

We can, will, and always have spoken with people about options regarding retirement planning.  We don’t need to sell you anything.  We don’t push or even offer investment advice.

We simply give you the freedom to invest in what you want, when you want.

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Lars Forsberg

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Sitting on The Fence May 9, 2015

Do you consider yourself a market timer?

Are you a market maker?

Do you know when the next market crash will happen?

Can you call the peak?

Do you have insider information regarding when Goldman Sachs will pull the carpet from under the U.S. stock market?

Is Janet Yellen your cousin?  Does she give you tips?

If your answer is no to all of these questions, then why aren’t you taking this opportunity to divorce yourself from this bubble while it’s still inflated?

It is amazing to me that more people are not taking this amazing opportunity to take profits, and instead are electing to roll the dice on market timing or give the keys to their future to some guy who has no stake in their success.

I know that I should not be surprised, as history seems to repeat itself every 7 to 10 years these days.  People have exceedingly short memories and attention spans that can only be measured in milliseconds.

I really don’t want to be that guy who said “I told you so”…or “I tried to tell you”.  I get no joy in hearing sob stories about how people waited too long and got wiped out by the debt tsunami.

The current market value has no basis in reality.  When it goes pop, it is going to destroy the retirement of millions of Americans who blindly followed the pundits on CNBC.

Please, Americans, spend more time thinking about your future and less time getting re-educated by mass media.

Lars Forsberg
Longboat Retirement Solutions LLC

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