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College Degree is now a Participation Ribbon February 24, 2016

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Pardon my rant, but what is going on with our educational system?

It appears to me that a college degree has become a “participation ribbon” for the millennial generation. The level to which the system has stooped is embarrassing.

This “selfie” and “facebook” generation has been spoon-fed and coddled to an unprecedented level. Any criticism aimed at this group is “mean”. We are doomed.

I know that every generation looks at the next generation with distaste, so save it.

We need as a country and as a civilization to start spanking kids again. We need to tell them the truth when they are not fast runners or good writers. Some honesty would do us some good.

I just learned that the local University is working on a plan to address problems that transexual students are having choosing which bathroom to go to and which name they should be called by professors. Wow.

I think that jailing some lawyers would go a long way towards bringing back reality.

Frivolous lawsuits brought on by someone who is offended by reality should be rewarded with a countersuit by the population who are the offenders. I think if the population of the United States who are not offended by the offense pooled their cash for the countersuit we’d have more cash for a better lawyer. This is what the big corporations do, lets follow “suit”.

I’m done ranting…..for now! Thanks for letting me vent.