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The Price You Pay for “Research” July 18, 2012

BY: Lars Forsberg

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Large investment banking firms make money by raising capital for big corporations, merging these corporations with other large corporations, and getting those corporations to buy other corporations.

Brokers make money by selling stock in these corporations, recommended by their research departments, to investors who assume the “research” is unbiased and created to benefit the investor.

Research is created to sell brokerage services so that brokers can solicit trades from the retail public, institutional investors, and hedge funds.

So, as a small investor you are essentially paying fees to your broker, who gets research from investment banks, who need to create reasons to buy stocks to raise capital for large corporations.

…or worse yet, you are paying your “advisor” to tell you what stocks to buy.  This is another layer of fees for “research” of questionable value.

Is there anyone who wonders why there is collusion both internally and externally?

Notice any moral hazard?


Why You Need to Take Control of Your Retirement Savings May 25, 2012

You, and only you have your best interests at heart.  If you think your broker is a “great guy“, or your financial advisor “really knows what he’s doing“, you need to ask yourself several questions.  Why did your financial advisor or broker become a financial advisor or broker?  How does this person make money?  Is this person more interested in making him or herself money, or making you money?  What is his motive?  Does she have bills to pay?  Does this person make more money from you or from someone who pays them commissions to make recommendations?  Are there kickbacks on the back end that may influence the recommendations that your advisor may give you?  Do you have full disclosure of any relationships that your advisor may have?  Really?  Are you sure?

You must consider the possibility that your investment advisor may be more interested in their profit than yours.

It should be abundantly clear that Wall Street’s motives are different than yours.

You must take the steps necessary to get control of your savings and your future.