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Diversified Portfolio February 28, 2017

Over and over I hear the mantra “Diversified Portfolio” – but what does that mean?

Diversification means different things to different people.

Most however, think that it means they own stocks in several industries that counteract each other. In other words, they own two stocks – if one goes down, the other goes up. No two stocks are going to perfectly counteract the other, but a person can come close with lots of research.

Other people (including myself) contend that investment diversification must also include investment class diversification and international diversification. In other words, you should own things other than stocks, things like metals, currencies, bonds, real estate, and even international investments.

The argument could be made that a world wide downturn would hurt all of these things. Well….sure, maybe, but maybe not. Generally “safe harbor” investments and “contrarian” investments like gold, and certain currencies (Norway, Switzerland) tend to go up during world wide downturns.

Now, being a guy that does not give investment advice, I’m not going to advocate any particular investment, or even investment class, or even investment style….but do your research, and diversify…..and I mean really diversify, not just own a bunch of U.S. stocks.


Buying Precious Metals with your Self Directed Retirement Vehicle July 29, 2012

BY:  Lars Forsberg

Longboat Retirement Solutions LLC


The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 excluded certain bullion and coins from the definition of collectibles.  This cleared up some things for self directed retirement investors.

Gold bullion with a fineness of .995, Silver with a fineness of .999, Platinum with a fineness of .9995, and Palladium with a fineness of .9995 can be owned by an IRA or 401k.  This bullion must be fabricated by a NYMEX or COMEX approved refiner.

Coins that are allowed within an IRA or 401k are:

American Gold, Silver, and Platinum Eagles

Canadian Gold, Silver, and Platinum Maple Leafs

Australian Kangaroo, Nugget and Koala Coins, and Kookaburra

Australian Philharmonic

Mexican Silver Libertads

Platinum Isle of Man Cat and Noble Coins

Having precious metals within your retirement vehicle can help achieve diversification and offset inflation.