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How Does Your Investment Advisor Make Money? March 8, 2015

Longboat Retirement facilitates the creation and initial set up of Self Directed IRA’s and Solo 401k’s.

We don’t push investment schemes, make investment recommendations, or sell financial products.  We do not give tax or legal advice.

This makes us truly independent.  We have no interest in making commission on the sale of any financial or investment products.  We don’t charge fees based on “assets under management” because we do not manage people’s assets.

Our interest is strictly helping our clients achieve control of their retirement and their future.

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Maximize the Growth of Your Retirement Savings March 6, 2015

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Invest in what you know, leverage that knowledge, and maximize contributions.

The following is the true story of a real person who uses a self directed retirement.

You may have heard of this guy.

Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts Governor and Presidential candidate a few years ago revealed that he had an IRA valued between $20 and $100 million dollars.  That sounds like an amazing amount of money to accumulate in an IRA – some would say impossible.  Of course it is quite possible to do with the right financial tool – the Self Directed IRA.  No doubt Romney had a team of skilled attorneys and insider knowledge of certain companies that he was working with that enabled these extreme results.  You may not have a team of attorneys, and you may not be in the private equity business.  Don’t let that stop you.

Invest in What You Know

Mitt Romney invested in what he knew intimately.  Being in the business of buying companies and taking companies public, he was able to see the inner workings of companies before investing.

Romney used this knowledge to grow his Self Directed IRA to extreme levels during his tenure at Bain Capital.

Now, I’m not here to toot Mitt’s horn or say how great of an investor he was or is.  I am here to profess the benefits of using a self directed retirement account to invest in what you know.

Too many investors rely on information provided by “experts” or “advisors” who are neither.

Often these advisors are nothing more than sales people who are trained and encouraged to push particular stock or bond funds.  Clients who have known me for a while know exactly how I feel about these experts.  This is not to say that their aren’t plenty of knowledgeable financial folks out there who have their clients interest at heart – it’s just that the numbers of advisors that fit this description seem to be shrinking by the minute.

I’m guessing that you have knowledge and interests in products, industries, or companies that may not be widespread – we all do.  What industry knowledge have you gained over the years? Leverage that knowledge.


The employees at Bain capital were able to co-invest in the company’s takeover deals.  Bain Capital allowed employees to use IRA funds to invest in a special class of shares that were inexpensive and yielded much larger gains than other shares – averaging 50%-80% annually.

Self directed IRA’s and Solo 401k’s enable Longboat clients to invest in private equity deals that are otherwise out of reach.

Bain’s employees leveraged their knowledge to make impressive gains in their retirement accounts.

There is no limit to the amount of money your investments can make inside of your retirement account.

Read that again.

Let that thought digest and think about the ramifications of that statement.

In other words, investments made with your retirement account can grow exponentially, much like the investments of employees at Bain capital….and they grow tax free.

Do you know of any investments that can grow more quickly than publicly held stocks?  Many people do; Maybe you do too.


For 2014 contribution limits to a Self Directed IRA are $5,500 with catch up totaling $6,500 if over the age of 50.

The maximum contribution to a Solo 401k for 2014 is $52,000 or $57,500 with a catch up contribution if over 50 years old.

As you can see, if you are able to set up a Solo 401k, your ability to grow your retirement savings can really accelerate.  You don’t need to have a corporation, LLC, or Partnership to set up a Solo 401k.  You don’t need to have revenue or sales.  You do need to be self employed or be able to create some self employment.

It’s the combination of high contributions and knowledge leverage that enable self directed retirement account holders to grow their nest eggs to levels that seem impossible.