Longboat Retirement Solutions LLC

How Simple is it to Start a Solo 401k? Part One February 20, 2015

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The things that we do at Longboat are simple.

We assist people with the process of liberating their retirement money from the evil bankers.

How do we go about that?

Essentially, we set up a Solo 401k Trust for clients (all 401k’s are Trusts); then we instruct our clients on the procedure of opening a checking account for the Trust at a financial institution of their choosing.

After the account is open, we assist and consult our clients with the process of getting the client’s previous custodian (evil banker) to send the money to our client’s new Trust account.

After the previous custodian has sent the money to the new Trust account, our client is free to write checks, use an ATM card or wire funds to invest in whatever the IRS allows….or our clients can leave the money in their checking account as cash, ready to be used when they find the right investment for them.

Pretty simple, right?



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