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The Wild West May 10, 2013

Filed under: Economics,Real Estate Investing — larsfforsberg @ 11:02 pm

I am writing today from Williston, North Dakota; boomtown USA.

If you are living under a rock or watching too much state sponsored propaganda on TV, then you haven’t heard of the Bakken.  This area has the lowest unemployment and hence, highest wages in the U.S.  Local employers cannot fill positions, cannot retain their quality employees, and cannot find replacements for the workers that they can’t retain.  It is the wild west out here.

If you are a business person, an investor, or an under-employed person, you should look into this area.  Be warned; it is not pretty.  It is dirty, dusty, cold, and windy. Rent is absurdly expensive due to supply shortages and some locals are taking advantage of the situation.  The builders simply cannot build housing quick enough.

We are setting up a mobile office here to cater to oil field personnel.  It is a challenge to meet with people who are up to their neck with work schedules and live in man camps and trailers spread throughout the area.

If you have ever considered using your retirement funds for real estate investment, I strongly suggest you look into boomtown USA, right here in Williston, North Dakota.  The numbers are compelling.