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New Year’s Resolution January 9, 2013

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Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to get your finances together?

Have you taken stock of your retirement savings plan?

Are you afraid to look at your “portfolio”?

Call me crazy, but I think you should consider taking control of your retirement savings.

A Solo 401k can help you save, keep, and control more of your money.  Take your money out of the Wall Street Ponzi scheme and find real peace of mind.  Contact your current custodian and ask to get a breakdown of all fees that they charge you.  Tell them that you know that a new law has passed that requires them to provide this information in a digestible format.  Take a hard look at the costs you incur.  Take an honest inventory of your savings and your future plans.

Don’t take my word for it.  Find out for yourself, the real cost of your current retirement vehicle.

The process of getting control of your retirement and future is painless and the cost of not acting is huge.


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