Longboat Retirement Solutions LLC

Why you should seriously consider establishing a Solo 401k: October 3, 2012

Some questions to ask yourself.

Do you trust your “financial advisor?”

Are you satisfied with your investment choices?

Do you feel safe with all of your eggs in one basket?

Do you feel comfortable leaving your future in the hands of the Wall Street gang?

Do you think that things “have to improve soon?”

Do you think that “it can’t get any worse?”

Does your “money guy” call himself a “money guy?”

Does this guy wear colorful suspenders and a gold watch?

If you answered yes to a few of these questions, you owe it to yourself to look into self directed retirement investing with a Solo 401k.  You may not be a financial or investment expert (the guy with the suspenders isn’t either), but at least you have your own best interests in mind when making investments.  It is not necessary to be brainwashed by the financial education community to make investment decisions; you can do this.

Take responsibility for your future.  Take action.


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